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SalesLogix is the undisputed leader in CRM for the Mid Market (refer to the « Magic Quadrant » by the Gartner Group). Sales is the heart of a commercial outfit and to reach or exceed your forecast, you must be well organized.

SalesLogix provides the proper tools for your sales force along with an agenda to help plan and work better. It also serves as corporate memory bank for your company. Don't you agree that sorting information intelligently and having a fingertip access to it give you that edge against a competitive world now days? Why not invest every precious seconds towards you customer rather than losing them trying to find pertinent information?

This powerful program interacts with your productivity and your well known office automated applications such as: Microsoft Outlook, IntelliSync, Crystal Reports, Win Fax and Microsoft Word. It also allows to orchestrate your support team and centralise sales and marketing information without fundamentally modifying your working techniques. The database used by SalesLogix is Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. You can therefore rely on power and stability. Knowing for a fact that every company has different needs, SalesLogix can be personalised: Window frames, researches, access rights, passwords, reports, functions, data etc. We can even interface SalesLogix with other programs that you have installed that accesses to your pertinent information, without having to cut and paste.

You have to work out of the office? It's possible thanks to a remote working module or linked through Internet.

In order to determine the best solution for your needs, you must understand that we must run a proper analysis.

Here are the three main lines offered by SalesLogix:

A sale goes beyond a signed contract. The process can take forever or can be very short. Nevertheless, in all cases it's important to plan every step.

SalesLogix will help you to manage your opportunities, your proposals, your agenda and those of your colleagues, your sales forecast and analyse the results. E-mails, faxes, notes, proposals, all at your fingertip.

SalesLogix allows you to store accounts, contacts, a history of all activities with your customer, and plans ahead. Consequently, the whole sales staff is aware of the latest development with this customer...at a glance.

Today's way of marketing must do more than just draw customers, it must look after them and listen to their needs. Who are your best customers? How much time do you average to make a sale in your company? At what stage in the sale cycle do you encounter problems? Which publicity stunt gave you the best results? SalesLogix will help you to find the right answer to all these questions.

With the help of personalised reports, based on recorded information from a SalesLogix database you will be able to organise a marketing campaign and consequently analyse the results. From there you will take well thought out decisions. Several tools are available to indicate which customer answers to what type of solicitation. So when your next campaign of this kind comes around, with the help of graphics illustrated in SalesLogix and the fallout report of your last campaign, you will be guided in taking better decisions and invest your marketing efforts towards the right clients.

Once you close the sale, the customer relationship begins. In fact, when a deal is made SalesLogix can follow each step of the project. By keeping a record of the transactions, the work progress, problems encountered and the met solutions, you have a better handle of the whole situation and you develop a more prosper business relationship.

The « Ticket » system helps your supporting staff to work efficiently with your customers in solving problems; a history of all verbal discussions, E-mails and faxes are stored in the customer file. Most likely you will want to right up a report using these information, this is conceivable. Not only does SalesLogix records the problems, but the solutions also. Therefore it becomes a reference tool for your technical team. Because of an updateable « Knowledge Base » you will benefit of a significant time saver and an effective working method.

With SalesLogix you can program personalised functions to access your data file. These functions will give you a head start and blend in with your day to day routine within your company.


SageCRM is an award-winning wireless and Internet-based CRM system that provides enterprise-wide access to vital customer information -anytime, anywhere. With SageCRM, you can better manage your business by integrating field sales, internal sales, customer care and marketing information.

SageCRM uses industry-leading technology to foster better business practices and effortless information exchange throughout your enterprise. No matter how, when or where your customers, partners and prospects choose to interact with your company, SageCRM provides a decisive advantage by delivering comprehensive, easy-to-use tools that help you confidently manage these relationships.

Available in two editions, SageCRM 100 and 200 installs quickly and offers immediate out-of-the-box integration with your back-office accounting system, saving both time and implementation costs.

As your company grows, SageCRM can grow right along with it, providing scalable upgrades designed to keep pace with your expanding business.



SageCRM is also available as a hosted application at Sagecrm.com (www.sagecrm.com). Sagecrm.com delivers a comprehensive and easy-to-use hosted CRM solution that offers the combined advantages of seamless migration to an onsite CRM system plus out-of-the-box accounting integration.

Extremely affordable, Sagecrm.com is rapidly deployable and provides maximum productivity, immediate ROI and multiple security layers to protect your valuable data SageCRM.com is a comprehensive on-demand CRM service for clients seeking a low-cost, low-risk solution. One price gets you everything: CRM application, support, backups, and updates.

To assist you with your user experience, we have developed some key learning tools: online demonstrations broken down by user type, an expert-led webinar, a quick start user guide and a list of frequently asked questions and answers relating to SageCRM.com. To do so, you are invited to visit:

What AltiLogix can do for you?
To install a CRM is not an easy task and it is not part of your daily chores. Our team of experts at AltiLogix will assist you at every stage of the process. Whether it's for the analysis, saving your current data, personnalisation, program installation, staff training and after sale service and support. As previously said, at AltiLogix, a highly qualified staff, averaging over 12 years of experience in CRM is there to assist you.For more information about SalesLogix, please contact Carl Blackburn at (514) 982-6161.

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